A Decent Paying Secure Job With Benefits, Retirement and Not Requiring College – The Post Office

One thing I’ve never understood about people with lousy paying jobs, lousy benefits, little security and no real retirement plan, is why they stay in their sucky jobs in the first place. However condescending this sounds, if these people at least have high school degrees, there is really no excuse for having these lousy jobs. To me the best job for anyone with a high school degree who is in a lousy job situation today with nothing to look forward to, is to work for the Post Office. I’m amazed that a lot more people haven’t considered working there.

True confession time. I’m a white collar professional with a College Degree who only worked for the Post Office one summer in between semesters and a couple of Christmas Breaks, and my comments are just based on observations I’ve made and a general knowledge of the Civil Service Pay System. You’ll have to do the specific research yourself if you’re interested in working for the Post Office. The purpose of this article is to jump start you to at least research working for the Post Office by making you aware of things you might never have considered. I’m writing this basically because I don’t understand why people stay in lousy jobs when they can do better without making that much effort.

Here are a few general things I know about the Post Office. Do not take these as Gospel, you’ll have to research these things on your own, but this should at least give you a ballpark idea:

1. You have to take a test to be hired and the higher your score, the better your chance of being interviewed and hired. These tests are given on an irregular basis and it usually takes a while to be hired/interviewed off the list. It is basically up to you to find out when and where tests are being given. You can research that online and via Post Office Exam Hot Lines, if there is one in your city. While the tests do not require you to be a Rocket Scientist, I recommend you buy and study a Postal Exam Review Book with Sample Tests and tips. I did when I got my summer job and I got a very high score. If you are a military veteran you are given additional points I believe on your score.

2. I’m not sure if you have to be a high school graduate or not. If you aren’t, you need to research it.

3. You will be screened for drugs before you are hired.

4. You need to have a safe driving record if the job you are hired for requires you to drive.

5. You may have to work Saturdays and work one less weekday instead.

When I worked for the Post Office in the Summer and during Christmas, I primarily delivered mail. It was the easiest job I ever had in my life. At the time and I don’t know if things have changed, I was not given a regular route and as such, there were no expectations I would finish delivering the mail on time so I was actually paid overtime by the day! Again, I don’t know if they’ve changed that. I enjoyed the job as there was little stress and time went by fast. During Christmas, I worked inside handling mail at a Central Station and I hated the job because I can’t handle repetitive routine work and it seemed that there were always 3 supervisors looking at what you were doing all the time. Thus my recommendation would be to try to get a job delivering the mail. I personally couldn’t handle working a front window at the Post Office but a lot of people who do, seem to like it. The Post Office has a variety of jobs and I think the most important thing is to get hired and then you eventually should be able to transfer to a job you like more if you qualify.

The starting pay in the Post Office is relatively good and I think you initially get 13 days a year vacation eventually going up to 26 days a year, 10 paid holidays, 13 sick days a year which you accumulate, good medical insurance, life insurance and a retirement plan where I believe your medical insurance will continue in retirement. Again, please verify this information for yourself.

Well I’ve given you the rough basics. If you have a lousy job or are unemployed with lousy job prospects, I recommend you consider working for the Post Office. It may take a while till your actually hired but it will be worth the wait when you are, if you have a lousy job with no future.