Cat Scratching Posts Part 2 – Best Places to Put the Post

Cat scratching posts are a great alternative to having your cats scratching your furniture but where is the best place to put it so that your cat actually uses it? Here are 5 tips on where to best position the posts.

1. Place it near the food bowls, because cats seem to like to stretch out after a good meal. Also cats are most active around feeding times, which is when they are most likely to use these posts.

2. Many cats get excited when you get home from work, and will tend to mark the door area and stretch out there. This is an excellent place for a scratching post.

3. Cats like to stretch out after a good nap, so you can place a post right next to their favorite sleeping area. If you watch your cat, they will almost always stretch after waking up.

4. Cats scratch to mark territory, so put it in a place where there are a lot of people, like the living room. Don’t hide in a back room or behind a couch.

5. It is a good idea to have more than one scratching post. Place a post in each of their favorite places. Cats to not just do this behavior in one spot, so don’t expect them to always to back to just one post.

The bottom line when it comes to placing cat scratching posts is to make them as convenient as possible for your cat to use. The more attractive these posts are to use, the less attractive your new leather couch becomes.