Cars in the Post Apocalypse World

In the post apocalypse world staying mobile means staying alive. The question is, how should this be done. If you like movies such as the Road Warrior or Doomsday that answer is to use a car to get around the wasteland. This is not always practical, if you decide to use some type of vehicle for transportation here is a little checklist of things to consider before blindly going off and grabbing that Porsche you always wanted to drive.

Can You Fix It?

Automobiles are complex machines with multiple moving parts, and computer and electronic equipment. Even older vehicles still have numerous parts that require precise timing to function properly. Now factor in a post apocalypse environment where all the body shops are abandoned and access to a mechanic will be extremely limited, factor in as well that most people don’t change their own tires or other basic mechanical requirements and you have a situation where cars will break down and be left to rot because no-one can repair them.


There may be refiners here and there that are still working but for the most part fuel will become scarce quickly. While you can find fuel in abandoned cars and gas stations, these are sources that will dry up fast.

Replacement Parts

You might be able to fix your vehicle but only if you have the parts to do it. After scraping other vehicles for parts and tires, you will need to be able to fabricated new ones. Otherwise simply swapping out parts from one car to another will only be a temporary solution.


This is short for high altitude electro-magnetic pulse which occurs when a nuclear weapon is detonated at high altitude. It’s purpose is to essentially fry all electronic devices with a blast radius to effectively wipe out communications and hinder an enemy’s movement on the ground or air. This means that everything in that area that electric is now dead. Computers will be fried, clocks will stop, pacemakers and those on life-support at hospitals will die, and every car, motorcycle, moped, and ride on lawnmower won’t work, unless you spend considerable time replacing key electrical components. Older cars will have a major advantage in that with the right parts they can be up and running again. Newer cars especially in the last decade relay heavily on micro-chips and processors to help with everything from fuel economy, to navigation, to running all the luxuries we take for granted. Newer cars will require a complex overhaul of these systems to become operational again, something many of use simply don’t possess the knowledge to do.

The Road

Roads in many areas will be unusable after a collapse. First abandoned cars will litter the highways and major routes leading in and out of cities, this in turn will make travelling around cities much slower and potentially hazardous as the few roads that are still usable could be blocked off by other survivors looking to ambush you. Mother Nature herself will cause havoc in many areas by causing landslides, flash floods, and other weather effects that will wear roads down and make them impossible to pass.

Lack Of Cars

If the collapse comes from either an environmental disaster such as what’s predicted to happen in 2012, or a nuclear war that destroys most cities and urban areas, there will be far fewer vehicles to choose from. This will also mean that what I mentioned before in terms of fuel, replacement parts, and skilled mechanical persons will be in even shorter supply making the few vehicles that are left wear out that much faster.

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The Post Nasal Drip Bad Breath

Most people usually associate bad breath with poor oral hygiene. While this may be true in some cases, there are other causes which are equally important but often overlooked. One such cause of it is post-nasal drip. The first thing a person who suspects that he or she has awful breath will do is thoroughly clean his teeth by brushing and flossing, and gargling products that promise fresh breath. However, these only mask bad breath and don’t actually go to the main cause of the problem.

Post nasal drip is caused by the continuous flow of excessive mucus produced in the nasal cavities. Mucus drips down and accumulates at the back of the tongue where it provides food to the bacteria living there. Mucus is made up of proteins which when eaten by the bacteria create sulfur compounds, which we smell as the familiar bad breath. It is this accumulation of mucus at the back of the throat that people who have sinus problems and nasal drip tend to have this kind of breath.

Relief from post nasal drip can be obtained by treating the underlying problem. The goal is to stop the flow of excessive nasal discharged so that the bacteria that causes the bad odor is eliminated or reduced. The sinus problem that causes the post nasal drip must be evaluated and treated by a doctor. To correctly diagnose your condition, your doctor may order a detailed examination of your nose, ear and throat. The doctor may also require you to undergo some laboratory tests, x-ray studies and endoscopic procedures. Depending on the causes of your post-nasal drip, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics, antihistamines and decongestants, and other general measures to expel your mucus secretions easily such as not drinking coffee and diuretics, nasal irrigation and nasal sprays.

Surprise, the Post Office Is Hiring!

It may be a surprise to many of you, but the Post Office is still hiring. There are currently thousands of jobs posted on the Postal Service web site. In an effort to save money the Postal Service is hiring thousands of non-career employees. They are replacing the retiring high-dollar employees with less expensive clerks and carriers.

The Post Office has signed a new contract with the American Postal Worker’s Union that gives them the ability to fill twenty percent of the clerk workforce with a new non-career position. Postal Support Employees are able to fill most of the positions that are available in the clerk craft. These PSE’s will earn between twelve and fifteen dollars an hour.

The Postal Service is hiring Transitional City Carriers another non-career position to replace City Carriers. These Transitional Carriers will earn twenty-two dollars an hour. Rural Carriers Associates are being replaced by Temporary Relief Carriers another non-career position. TRC’s will earn $13.05 an hour.

This is an excellent opportunity to get a Post Office job. It is much easier to move from a non-career employee position to a career employee position than it is to try to get hired directly in to a full-time career position. I know this is a fact because it is the way that I did it. I went from an eight dollar an hour Casual Carrier position to a Rural Carrier Associate then to a full-time Rural Carrier in around three years. I was able to work nearly full-time during the entire process.

I think the time frame will be much shorter for today’s non-career employees. The Post Office has gone to congress to get the law changed to help their financial situation. The yearly billion dollar losses will turn into profits. Shortly, the Postal Service will be in a better position to offer incentives to the current highly paid employees to retire and will fill their positions with new career employees that start at the bottom of the pay scale. Just remember, over time they will gradually move up the step charts, and will become the high paid employees of tomorrow.

It is a great time to get your foot in the door with the Post Office. Most people don’t know the Postal Service is hiring. There are thousands of jobs posted on the Post Office website. There are many available resources to find out how to apply and get a Post Office job!