Does the Post Office Still Deliver Mail? Hardly!

It is becoming extremely difficult to mail a letter these days, even if local delivery is only expected. The United States Postal Service has degraded to such an extent that they now routinely throw ‘undeliverable’ and ‘return to sender’ stickers on a large proportion of letters. It doesn’t matter what state you are in and what kind of letters you are mailing. The Post Office is now an enemy of small business and regular folks. In fact if you want to mail anything to anywhere, beware of the recent events transpiring all over the United States.

Don’t get me wrong; in terms of our post office being compared to the uninspiring postal services in nations around the world, we are near the top in efficiency. Scary thought since unfortunately this is a world where there are whole nations such as Nigeria, Egypt, Spain, Russia and Greece that routinely lose mail on massive scales. People who need something delivered in these nations either have to pray their letters or parcels get to the recipients, or use private companies such as Fedex or UPS, which can be expensive. Therefore the bar is so low in terms of efficiency that it is now at the pathetic level. To simply deliver the mail in any time frame is a challenge these days. Being the best in this industry then is no accomplishment to say the least.
American citizens used to have confidence in our Post Office. Benjamin Franklin who is the founder of the first organized national post office on the planet, would roll over in his grave if he knew how his beloved postal service has devolved.

Background and Founding of The U.S. Postal System

On July 26, 1775, members of the Second Continental Congress, meeting in Philadelphia, agreed “. . . that a Postmaster General be appointed for the United States, who shall hold his office at Philadelphia, and shall be allowed a salary of 1,000 dollars per annum . . . .”
On this day, Benjamin Franklin was appointed Postmaster General, the first appointed under the Continental Congress. He would serve in this post, shaping our Postal Services until November 7, 1776.
The Motto of the Post Office is:

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.
This motto is explained on the Post Office’s main website. The origin of the motto as explained by them is as follows:

This inscription was supplied by William Mitchell Kendall of the firm of McKim, Mead & White, the architects who designed the New York General Post Office. Kendall said the sentence appears in the works of Herodotus and describes the expedition of the Greeks against the Persians under Cyrus, about 500 B.C. The Persians operated a system of mounted postal couriers, and the sentence describes the fidelity with which their work was done.

The Motto No Longer Fits – FACT

Is there anyone who has experience using the postal services in this nation who likes their performance? I think not. One of my businesses is a C.M.R.A., which stands for Commercial Mail Receiving Agency, and I have a unique perspective on the inner workings of this inefficient relic of the past that we call the Post Office.

Here is a perfect example just this past month on how well they deliver mail. One of my offices is located in Florida and we mail the employee paychecks to that office. We’ve had problems with the post office going back to 1996 when I started up Our complaints span years. Last week we had enough already as employee paychecks keep getting returned stamped “addressee not known, return to sender”. This would be funny if it weren’t so sad, but I actually made a video that will be up on YouTube shortly showing the post office letters returned with their stickers. Do a search there for ‘The Post Office Stinks’ Imagine if you will your own company sending you your paycheck, and the post office returning it stamped undeliverable. Our manager then goes to the local office which is located in Pompano Beach Florida and complained. They say all is fine so we re-mail the checks without opening them to keep the postal stickers on them. Three weeks later they come back yet again with another stamp on it saying addressee unknown. Is that sad or what? I had to Fedex the paychecks down there and then had the manager go into the Post Office to open the letter with the return to sender sticker on it, which also now contained the second letter also with the return to sender sticker on it.

Knowing this is going on, I advice everyone to no longer use the Post Office if possible. They are now at record levels of inefficiency and simply do not care about delivering the mail. Why should they as employees in the system can’t even be fired unless they kill someone. I know as I tried to have one such manager fired. I escalated it all the way to our local Congressman who stepped in for us in Florida 3 years ago. Even with Congressional pressure the offending manager was given the all too typical ‘paid leave’ for a month to cool things off and prevent a lawsuit. I did manage to organize many of the local businesses, all of us prepared to confront the Post Office legally. We were even told she was let go to placate us into not suing, only to see this person return to the Post office to harass patrons just one month later!
So here we are again, in the same position. In this day of videotape and audio I think it’s time we all stand together and take action. The Post Office is a legal monopoly. No private company may deliver regular mail, only special delivery items that UPS and Fedex and other private carriers may deliver. It is an archaic socialist system that is dying, and costing the people of this nation billions of wasted dollars a year.

Can anyone say Privatize?

The Post Office will never go for it. They know and have seen that if any private company were allowed to compete with them, they will lose. This is the way of the world. Private companies are always between 30 – 60% more efficient than anything run by the government. That’s why if you need something sent overnight, you would have to be crazy to use the Post Office’s next day service. We used them once and found out that 25% of the time their next day service took 2 days. Some guarantee isn’t it?
Private companies are the way to go, and the Post office must become efficient or it will continue to lose more and more of our tax dollars every year, while not even delivering the mail. It’s time we all stand up and say enough already.

Cat Scratching Posts Part 2 – Best Places to Put the Post

Cat scratching posts are a great alternative to having your cats scratching your furniture but where is the best place to put it so that your cat actually uses it? Here are 5 tips on where to best position the posts.

1. Place it near the food bowls, because cats seem to like to stretch out after a good meal. Also cats are most active around feeding times, which is when they are most likely to use these posts.

2. Many cats get excited when you get home from work, and will tend to mark the door area and stretch out there. This is an excellent place for a scratching post.

3. Cats like to stretch out after a good nap, so you can place a post right next to their favorite sleeping area. If you watch your cat, they will almost always stretch after waking up.

4. Cats scratch to mark territory, so put it in a place where there are a lot of people, like the living room. Don’t hide in a back room or behind a couch.

5. It is a good idea to have more than one scratching post. Place a post in each of their favorite places. Cats to not just do this behavior in one spot, so don’t expect them to always to back to just one post.

The bottom line when it comes to placing cat scratching posts is to make them as convenient as possible for your cat to use. The more attractive these posts are to use, the less attractive your new leather couch becomes.

The Post Office Is a Great Opportunity For Today’s Young People

A non-career job with the Post Office is a great opportunity for today’s young people. There are many ways to take advantage of a part time job with the USPS. I know many people who have used a postal job as part-time income while they are working on a degree or path to their future career. There have been others who have a different full time job, and use their postal job to supplement their income. Then there are those who started out part-time and decided to make a career out of the Post Office.

It is all over the news that it is hard for recent high school graduates to find employment in these tough economic times. The Post Office would make a great choice for some of these new job seekers. A non-career job as a PSE (Postal Support Employee), RCA (Rural Carrier Associate), TRC (Temporary Rural Carrier), Transitional City Carrier, Postmaster Relief, and as a casual employee could be a great opportunity for a young person to make pretty decent money while getting their education. Some college students work day positions (RCA, TRC, casuals, etc.) and go to school at night. Some others work as a PSE or casual at the plants and go to school during the day. In my experience it is much easier to get a supervisor or postmaster to work with your schedule if you are in a post office rather than at a processing facility or plant.

The second way to benefit from a non-career job is to work at the Post office on a part-time basis and have another job to fill in when you are available. For example, a Postmaster Relief usually only works on Saturday to fill in for the Postmaster on their day off. Because of this, the PMR can get another job to fill in some hours during the week. The Postmaster can give advance notice for vacations or surgeries, so plenty of notice will be given to the other employer. I know an RCA who has a full time job in a public school system that has been an RCA for over twenty years (he has turned down a career Rural Carrier job over twenty times). He makes over $15,000 a year at the Post Office working every Saturday and filling in for four weeks of vacation. Not bad for a part-time job. It is also an opportunity for entrepreneurs to work on their business. A small business can be worked around an RCA, TRC, or PMR position.

The third way to take advantage of a non-career Post Office job is to use it to get to a career position. A young person may not be in the place to want a full time job right away. So a job such as an RCA might be a great way to start. They may only work a couple of days a week for a while. But, as their seniority builds and they learn more routes, they begin to get more hours. Before they realize it they are working nearly forty hours a week (much better chance in a big rural office). A few years later they may have the opportunity to become a full time Rural Carrier.

A career position may also be attained by learning the system while you are a part-time employee. For example, it is much easier to get a job as a City Carrier if you start out as a Transitional City Carrier or a Casual Carrier. If you are a good employee and learn the job it will really help boost your test score when a City Carrier job becomes available in the office. Also, who will the Postmaster hire if they have a list of six people they do not know, and one hard-working person who already works for them?

The Post Office is a great opportunity for today’s college-aged men and women. There are many ways to benefit from a part-time job with the USPS. A career position may be the best outcome.