The Post-Nuclear War Movie in a Nutshell

The standard formula of Post-Nuclear film and fiction is to divide the survivors into two opposing and irreconcilable camps, the good guys; usually unscathed by the effects of radioactive fallout and the ruthlessly wicked; some or all of which may be mutated by radiation.

On one side we have the good guys, the survivalist’s who peacefully attempt to recreate civilization and preserve the future of the human species. Whilst on the other side there’s the lawless looters who fashion themselves as fascistic militia seeking to create a New World Order, as they engage in their favourite pastimes; looting, raping and killing.

Inevitably these two communities are destined to cross paths, usually to the detriment of the survivalist good guys. However fortunately for them there is also a third category of survivor in this post-nuke world. The lone hero; a cynical and disillusioned Individual who travels alone scavenging for supplies and trading in goods. Fortunately for the survivalists, he’s also very efficient at exterminating barbarian fascists. Which he does almost like painting by numbers, until he eventually defeats the barbarian leader in a final showdown and saves the day.

Of course no Post-Nuclear film is complete without leather outfits and heavily armoured customized vehicles. And lets not forget the very attractive, typically blonde love interest of the lone hero; who incidentally is usually totally unaffected by the lack of beauty products available in a post-apocalyptic world.

As for the moral of the post-nuke movie, well it’s the same as any other genre of Hollywood film; that the good guys always win, even if the world has been blown half to pieces!