The Power of the Post Cap

Most people spend a lot of time researching and looking at all kinds of fences before making up their minds. That is a very important part of making your yard an outdoor living space that is both attractive and safe. However, many of those same people forget to finish the project. They do not understand that post caps are not just decorative, but protect the top of the wooden posts from cracking and splintering. This applies to fence and gate posts, deck and staircase posts and any post that is left exposed to the elements.

Though post caps function very well to protect the top of the post, one of the greatest things about them is the fact that they are pretty. They are small decorative structures that enhance the look of any fence or deck for your yard.

Deck and fence caps come in fine outdoor cedar and redwood. You can find them in slip-over, non slip-over and even with copper tops. There are also places that can make custom post caps if you need something a little different form the norm.  All wood post caps must be sealed with a stain or primer to ensure a long life in the harsh outdoor environments and are very easy to install.

The other thing that post caps do that no one things about is covering up any uneven mill cuts or other eyesores on top of the fence or deck post. With so many varieties to choose from, there is a post cap that will fit your needs.

If you want a little more pizzazz, add a finial. It just gives you that something special feel to make your yard a one of a kind. There are as many finial choices as there are post caps so you can have a great time putting those looks together to find what is perfect for you.

A non slip-over post cap is normally glued and/or nailed with finishing nails to the top of the post, depending on the finish you choose. Slip-over caps actually slip over the post and can be attached as well by glue or finishing nails. As long as you take care of the fence post caps per the manufactures requirements your post caps will last a good long while.

When it comes to something different and wonderful, you must take a look at the copper topped post caps. They also come in standard and custom sizes and you can order them with the base post cap in either cedar or redwood. These fantastic tops turn a beautiful patina out in the elements and each one has their own particular markings that are custom in their own right.

Of course, just like all of the wood post caps, copper topped caps need their own kind of maintenance in order to maintain their beauty. Any good shop will have instructions on how to best prep and care for your wood copper posts caps. 

There are few things that make this kind of difference on a fence where you see how beautiful the fence is, yet not sure why. You will love what is does for your fence and deck and will wonder why you did not think about post caps or finials before. It is a great way to make a small modification that will make a huge change.