Understanding the Post Apocalyptic Genre

It seems every year that goes by, more and more people become fans of the post apocalyptic genre of movies, TV series and books. People just cannot get enough of stories about the end of society and civilization. Is it because these people are lunatics, hell bent on wishing the world would come crashing down, or is it something more?

Apocalypse movies and books are nothing new. They have been around forever and tales of the looming apocalypse are as ancient as the Bible. Seer’s, prophets you name it, end of the world predictions and fictional tales have been big business for as far back as you search in recorded history.

This fascination with the apocalypse and the end of the world is as old as mankind. What draws so many fans to this dark and dreary view of society? Is it their hatred of the modern world or their place in it? Or is it their hope for a better future that can only rise from the ashes of modern society?

Whatever it is, it is booming and the questionable 2012 Mayan prophecies have continued to stoke this fictional fire. As economies start to teeter on the brink of destruction and even megalithic empires like the USA reveal their own inherent weaknesses, surviving in a post apocalyptic world becomes a more and more likely prospect in the minds of every day people. This in turn translates to more and more interest in the post apocalyptic genre.

The post apocalyptic genre usually centers in on a group of people trying to survive insurmountable odds. Some outside or internal force has brought society to a screeching halt and people are left to rely on their instincts, skills and ultimately luck. The people are usually tried through a variety of life or death circumstances that requires them to question their own human, civilized morality.

It is this aspect in particular that makes the post apocalyptic genre so popular. People realize their own morality and view their dealings with people and society differently when they weight it against the prospect of the collapse of civilization. This strikes a cord in people and makes them appreciate the comforts of their own lives to a greater degree.

Nothing quite puts life into perspective like post apocalyptic stories. These stories ultimately make people reach deep within themselves to judge their own capabilities and short comings. Many people become interested in survival skills and “doomsday prepping” from the post apocalyptic genre.

Whatever it is specifically that motivates each individual to become interested in the genre, this genre is here to stay.